The fog of Ferrara inspired the creation of Foggy Mug, a brand closely linked to its homeland and to the heritage left by Medieval and Renaissance history to this beautiful city.

Foggy Mug: versatile, with ever-changing shades: its blends are always inspiring, energetic and lively.
Every detail tells of its birthplace and tastes of it; protected by the Ferrarese gryphons, its blends sound like a hymn to the symbols of its city.

The Castle: city throbbing heart, where everything is born and where all roads lead.

Orlando: in 1516, Ludovico Ariosto published for the first time in Ferrara the epic poem “Orlando Furioso”. Why not create a blend with a magical flavour embodying all the strength of this legendary knight?

The Bike: Are you wondering what the Ferrara most favourite means of transport is? The bicycle, of course! It is even said that every citizen has at least four bikes in his garage!