Our varieties of coffee are always roasted properly at different degrees. Every type of coffee has its own roasting grade, Foggy Mug roasters know it and for that reason they roast separately every single variety respecting the features of each selection.

Constantly supervising cooling. After roasting at high degrees coffee cannot be immediately packed, hence it has to be cooled and rested to make the most of its potential.

Careful selection of high quality coffee beans. We choose the best coffee beans by color and size. Foggy Mug roasters make sure that every single mug contains always the finest selection.

Cupping and tasting. In order to keep the blend balance constant our roasters taste all coffee qualities individually. Coffee is a land product that changes with each harvest; our mastery recreates a harmonious and balanced blend over time.

Love, research and experience: this is how the Foggy Mug blends are born.